Colony Caper


Ants.   The word itself invokes that “who invited YOU?” feeling as you lift your feet.  But unlike Wilma Flintstone, I can basically deal as long as they don’t show up in my potato salad or my bed sheets.

But this morning they really crossed the line.  As I grabbed my laptop off the table of the v-e-r-y rustic cottage we’re currently vacationing in, I saw an ant run for his life directly into the vent holes at the back of my Macbook Pro.  For real.

Great.  Thanks ant.  He’s now taken full control of my cursor AND my keyboooord asdfiej af (oops, there he goes …)

Asfoewen laas wefk  … ANTS RULE!

(Ok, he is SO getting the service bill for this.)

3 responses to “Colony Caper

  1. I found a dead ant in my bathing suit top the other day! I guess it never stood a chance!;) if only there weren’t so many of them….

  2. You need Taro! And there’s some new recipe going around fb to get rid of them, too. Google it for sure. Ants should never be invited to your picnic or your laptop! 🙂

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