Chocoholics Unite

ImageSince I basically bleed dark chocolate, it’s delectably satisfying to be nominated for this award.   Thanks to Tia (aka ‘sweet pea’) at Life, Everyone Has One!

So here are the rules for the award, in no particular order:

  1. Thank the super sweet blogger who nominated you (“Tiiii-A, Tiiii-A… Everybody!!”)
  2. Answer the 5 super sweet questions (A-E below)
  3. Nominate a baker’s dozen of deserving super sweet bloggers, and notify said bloggers (below questions)
  4. Smile (I would, but my mouth is stuffed full of 70% extra dark right now…)

A)    COOKIES OR CAKE?  Dark chocolate.


C)    WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SWEET TREAT?  I’ll go with lava cakes.  Hot, mainline-able, molten chocolate lava cakes.

D)   WHEN DO YOU CRAVE SWEETS MOST?  When conscious.

E)    IF YOU HAD A SWEET NICKNAME, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  Muffin head (?!) … no wait – I’ve been known to use ‘Angel pie’ on my kids, so I’ll go with that.

Lastly, here are half a dozen deserving Super Sweet Bloggers (sorry but I’ve had to cut back on the sugar…)

Sweet RGV Cupcakes (baking for a worthy cause!)

Edible Reflections

Sweet Spell Bakeshop

Eat Me Swest

Boxed Whine In Suburbia

Neurotic Baker

Congratulations sweethearts!

13 responses to “Chocoholics Unite

  1. Love the recipes on neuroticbaker – can’t wait to try them out! And by the way, anyone who loves dark chocolate should definitely try Cadbury’s Bournville, it’s heaven.

  2. Thanks so much! This is my first time blogging and I was a bit nervous starting out, so it was very exciting to receive the nomination. What a great way to discover new blogs!

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